3" Pink Thulite Formation from Mjones, Norway

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This is a 3" wide thulite specimen that was collected from Mj√∏nes, Norway and appears to be associated with smoky quartz. The specimen is mostly just a mass of thulite, however individual crystal formations can be seen ingrown with the smoky quartz. Comes with an acrylic display stand. Zoisite belongs to the epidote group of minerals and its chemical formula is Ca2Al3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH) (calcium aluminium hydroxy sorosilicate). It can be found in a variety of colors including green, pink, brown, yellow, grey, white, blue, purple or colorless. The color it bares is dependent on the ion substitutions within the chemical formula, for example; thulite is a pink variety of zoisite that gains its pink color from manganese substituting for calcium within the crystal lattice and tanzanite is a blue-violet variety of zoisite that gains its color from the substitution of vanadium. Zoisite was originally known as saualpite.

Zoisite var. Thulite
Mj√∏nes, Snillfjord, Krokstad√∏ra, Trondheim, S√∏r-Tr√∏ndelag, Norway
3 x 2"


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