Third Eye Tarot Exercise

In Tarot Healer, Leeza Robertson leads us through an exploration of our chakras, with assistance from tarot. Through a series of exercises that build on one another, we learn to identify areas of weakness and discover ways to strengthen them. Here is an example of an exercise that gets us started with the crown chakra. Although part of a series of interconnected exercises, this one can stand alone.

Grab your deck and start looking for a card that you feel best represents the energy of the third eye, or the energy of the third eye chakra, you wish to have once your healing work is further along. Recommended cards for this chakra include the High Priestess, the Hanged Man, the Moon, or any of the Queens. Do your best to select this card visually before diving into the meaning of the card itself. Once you have your significator card, reverse it, and make it stand on its head. This is the true direction of sight, upside down. Once you have selected your card, take it to your journal and do some free or automatic writing with the card. Imagine the card is talking directly to you and giving you tips on how to open, use and heal your third eye chakra center. Ask your card questions, and imagine it is speaking the answers to you. When you feel you have written all there is to write, and can’t seem to go any further by yourself, pick up your favorite tarot books and see what information you can gather around your selected card. Just keep the information relevant to the third eye, intuition, dreams, inner sight, outer sight, and future casting.

Once you have exhausted your research on your selected card, consider writing an affirmation or intention statement around this card to ground it. You don’t have to do this, but I do recommend it, especially if the card you have selected represents something you are working towards or trying to create. This short affirmation or intention statement keeps you connected to your third eye chakra center, while you heal, clear and expand its power. Just take your time with the above exercises, and allow your third eye significator to unfold information to you much the same way your third eye will.  You will learn as you make your way through this chapter that sometimes your sight is clear, sometimes it is cloudy, and other times it locks you out completely. Energy doesn’t just bend to our will, instead we learn to bend and co-create with it. Let’s dive deeper into the complex chakra known as the third eye.

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